Go wet! No dust! No OSHA issues!


With every concrete floor comes a new set of challenges for our competitors.  But not for us!  We have put together the best polishing system on the market that can handle:

  • Any hardness (Mohs Scale 1-10)
  • Any surface texture (CSDA ST-115)
  • Any aggregate exposure needed
  • Any level of polish desired

All of these variables would usually mean that you have to carry a full array of diamond tooling and chemical options on your truck or trailer just to be able to start a job.  We only ask that you carry our system on your truck or trailer to every polishing project with guaranteed results and a 20 year warranty!


What makes this system so unique? Amorphous Colloidal Silica.  Simply put.  It is the main ingredient in our patented formulations.  

WHAT DOES IT DO?  It fills the concrete capillaries of the concrete surface and creates a concrete surface that is incredibly hard and abrasion resistant when finished.  The silica is a cutting compound when wet and it is a polishing compound when it is dry.  It's amazing stuff!